Deadline for Proposal Submission: April 3, 2020 by 11:59pm. Please email the proposal and required documentation or attachments in PDF form to: mayorsfund@phila.gov and Erica.smith@phila.gov. Submission emails must contain the subject line “Urban Forest RFP Submission”. See RFP for Q+A opportunities and schedule.

The Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia and the City of Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation invite competitive proposals from Applicants to create an Urban Forest Strategic Plan for the City of Philadelphia and stakeholders. The process of creating the Plan is anticipated to take twelve months, including robust engagement with community stakeholders, City and regional agencies, and non-profit organizations involved in urban forestry. The final Plan will be guided by the following vision, mission, and goals:

Vision: Philadelphia will be home to a resilient and equitably distributed urban forest that helps residents thrive in every neighborhood of our city. Trees on public and private land in the city will be recognized as a vital part of city infrastructure and will provide environmental, social, economic and health benefits for all present and future Philadelphians. Our urban forest will be a source of pride for Philadelphians and will inspire advocacy and participation in tree planting and protection throughout the city.

Mission: To establish a 10 year strategic plan for the planting and care of the urban forest, guided by values of environmental justice, community engagement, and sustainability.


  • To communicate the social, economic and ecological value of the urban forest
  • To prioritize equity in service delivery, ensuring that the most vulnerable and underserved communities benefit from a healthy tree canopy
  • To facilitate collaboration and identify clearly defined roles among City agencies, nonprofits, scientists and engaged residents
  • To plan for the proactive planting and care of our urban forest
  • To identify funding goals and strategies for Philadelphia’s urban forest
  • To propose strong and enforceable public policy for the protection of our city trees
  • To build a culture of trust and collaboration between Philadelphia residents and the institutions that serve our urban forest

Respondents are expected to employ an environmental justice lens throughout the entire process of creating a Plan, and operate according to values of equity, transparency, and inclusion.

To view the full RFP (including extended timeline), click here: FINAL Urban Forest Strategic Plan RFP_extended as of 031620

To view the Q+A Meeting sign in sheet, click here: Urban Forest Plan Q&A sign in sheet

To view the Q+A Meeting Power Point Slides (.pdf format), click here: Urban Forest Strategic Plan slides

To view a link to the tree summit report, click here: http://treephilly.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Phila_Tree_Summit_Report_draft-2.pdf 

To view the questions submitted in response to this RFP  and the corresponding answers, click here: UFSP QA FINAL 3.9.20