Deadline for Proposal Submission: July 2, 2019 by 5:00pm EST. Please email the proposal and required documentation or attachments in PDF form to: and See RFP for Q+A opportunities and schedule.

The Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia (the Fund) and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR) are seeking a qualified professional firm to facilitate a program planning and standards revision process for PPR. As an outcome of the department’s recently completed strategic plan, the program-planning process and new program standards will increase the relevancy and quality of site-specific programming, allow for greater internal understanding of the department’s program and professional development resources, and provide more qualitative measurement and ongoing improvement of those offerings. The public may also benefit from the new standards and planning process, as the department will be able to communicate its offerings externally more easily.

Please note: The Fund and PPR have released three RFPs related to implementation of the PPR strategic plan. In addition to this Program Planning RFP, the Fund and PPR are seeking Maintenance/Operations and Customer Service consultancy services. The Fund and PPR will consider proposals that address more than one of the three strategic plan RFP opportunities. Should an applicant wish to respond to more than one RFP, the Fund and PPR expect that the budget and scope proposed reflect cost and work plan efficiencies, while also addressing each of the project’s requirements comprehensively.

To view the full RFP, click here: RFP_ProgramPlanning_FINAL