Deadline for Proposal Submission: now April 23, 2021 by 5:00pm EST. The City and the Fund request that all applicants submit their proposals via drop box, google drive, or a similar file storage solution. The link to the file must be emailed to: patrick.morgan@phila.gov and mayorsfund@phila.gov. Submissions must contain the subject line “Benjamin Franklin Parkway RFP Submission”. 

Questions about this RFP should be submitted to patrick.morgan@phila.gov and mayorsfund@phila.gov by March 29, 2021. Responses to all questions will be posted on the Mayor’s Fund website and provided to all potential respondents.

The City will host a question and answer video call on March 22, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. EST. To participate in the pre-proposal video conference please RSVP to Patrick Morgan (Patrick.Morgan@phila.gov) by March 18, 2021 with the participant’s name, title, firm, e-mail address and phone number.

The Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia (“Mayor’s Fund”), Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (“PPR”), and the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (“oTIS”) seek qualified professional firms that specialize in urban park design and/or landscape architecture and engineering to develop a world class public realm plan to realize permanent improvements to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway (“Parkway”). The boundaries of this project are 20th Street at the southeast to the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum to the northwest and bordered by Winter Street on the south and Pennsylvania Avenue to the north.

The Final Deliverable produced by the selected vendor or vendor team (“Selected Vendor and/or “Vendor”) will be a schematic design public realm plan, cost estimate and project schedule for the future revitalization of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway that is based on innovative people-centric design ideas and creative approaches to transportation, economic development, and storm water management along with phased implementation.

The Selected Vendor will have a budget of $381,000 (including all expenses — travel, materials, supplies, etc.). 

The City envisions various experts coming together under one team managed by a “prime” consultant. Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and oTIS have identified the following as essential skill sets in the RFP. It is up to the applicant team itself to decide who should serve as the prime. Successful candidates will put together a diverse team that possess the majority of these important skills:

  • Urban design and planning with an emphasis on creating an urbane 21st century, world class public realm—one that is at once intimate and expansive. Of note is the opportunity to incorporate a redesign of Eakins Oval into the public realm plan.
  • Landscape architecture with an emphasis on creative green infrastructure. The Parkway is a place of high horticulture with water as an underlying design element.
  • Architecture that is dignified and commensurate with the design of the cultural institutions and landscapes that currently shape the Parkway.
  • Lighting and related consultants
  • Creative placemaking as a way to draw the cultural life of the institutions into their gardens and as general programming that draws Philadelphians and visitors alike.
  • Engagement – integrating diversity and inclusion into the design of the public realm. Engagement should be addressed and resourced from multiple fronts including civic engagement exercises, a clear social media presence, and outreach to the media.
  • Economic development and revenue generation – Expertise in identifying creative and practical ways to support the Parkway District will be essential to the success of the district. Consultants should be able to evaluate parking (on street and below ground), food and beverage, and event production as opportunity areas.
  • Transportation – It will be essential that the design team includes consultants with expertise in implementing state and federal highway projects. All proposed designs must be practical designs informed by constructability. The team must be committed to coordinating with concurrent transportation planning efforts underway by oTIS. Transportation expertise should also focus on looking at connections across the Parkway to neighborhoods and regional trail networks. Additionally, well thought out designs that integrate federal and state highway regulations will be well positioned for future funding opportunities.
  • Parking and mobility plan – The team will coordinate with concurrent traffic planning for Eakins Oval that is being managed by oTIS. Additionally, teams should be skilled in addressing creative approaches to parking design as well as putting forth creative solutions to removing paid parking operations on Eakins Oval.
  • Infrastructure expertise – Expertise in traditional engineering-related skills (roads, stormwater, etc.). In addition, the Parkway serves as a gathering space for large-scale events covering everything from celebratory parades to serious civic protests and public health emergencies. The space must be carefully evaluated to incorporate the infrastructure necessary to better support large scale gatherings. Appropriate infrastructure will enable the Parkway to be known for well-planned and well-executed events.
  • Cost estimation – Consultants will need to have experience analyzing state and federal highway projects.
  • Project Phasing Plan and Costs Estimates
  • Renderings, models and other forms of graphic communication to be used by the City for future public outreach and fundraising.

To view and download the full RFP, click here: RFP_FINAL EXT 031921

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To view the City of Philadelphia’s Press Release announcing this RFP, please visithttps://www.phila.gov/2021-03-05-city-opens-search-to-reimagine-the-benjamin-franklin-parkway/  

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