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The City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families Adult Education (OCFAE) is seeking a consultant to conduct a landscape analysis to determine the level of need for adult education among current and future City of Philadelphia employees. Adult education includes basic reading, writing, math, English as a Second Language, and digital skills. In addition, the consultant will do a scan of other cities and countries to see if there are other models of city government providing employees basic education supports that result in progressive career advancement. The goal is to provide support (where needed) to City employees so that we help build a more efficient government by solidifying basic education skills, and to help employees reach their career goals.

Once collected, this data will then be used to inform future professional development offerings to current and incoming City staff with basic education needs. OCFAE has invested in Northstar, which offers digital skills assessments and self-directed curricula, and adult education classes which could both be pivoted to support City employees more directly.

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