Quality Pre-K

"To meaningfully change the academic outcomes of our schools, the single most important investment we can make is in pre-K. Children who participate in quality pre-K face far fewer barriers to achievement throughout their entire academic careers than those who don't."

Mayor Jim Kenney

Mayor Kenney believes that quality pre-K is a smart investment because it prepares children to be skilled learners at a time when they are primed for it. Right now, 46% of our kindergarteners arrive at school without critical foundational skills, and 44% of our third-graders are not reading on grade level. Expanding quality pre-K will provide short-term and lasting benefits for Philadelphia's families.

In the long term, quality pre-K programs result in increased graduation rates, fewer children in special education classes, and reduction in achievement gaps rooted in poverty. Quality pre-K programs also have been shown to help parents continue their education, enter the workforce, and contribute to the economy. The benefits of quality early childhood education ripple throughout the community.

To learn more, read Quality Pre-K Fact Sheet or visit www.phila.gov/qualityprek to get involved.

Help us increase quality pre-K for three and four-year-olds who lack access to opportunities in their neighborhoods.