"The past 10 months have demonstrated the importance of access to the Internet – from the availability of internet service to access to compatible devices. Throughout this unprecedented time in history, our team at AT&T has been connecting people and organizations with the resources they need to maintain a sense of normalcy. As a member of the DLA, we’re proud to support the city’s innovative initiative that brings together the public and private sectors to help Philadelphians stay or get connected to the resources they need"

Joseph Divis, assistant vice president, AT&T External Affairs

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City has recognized the that many families and residents need access to devices. As people stay home, individuals without access to devices lack the tools they need to get essential services, learn, work, and connect with families and friends.

The City is partnering with AT&T; Retrievr, an on-demand clothing and electronic recycling company; and several local refurbishers which include the Electronic Access Foundation (EAF), the NERDiT Foundation, and the Temple University Computer Recycling Center (CRC). These organizations have been helping communities recycle and refurbish equipment safely and securely during the pandemic and bring years of experience to this project.

There are different ways to donate devices:

Donating 25 devices or less

  • Individuals and organizations that donate 25 devices or less will fill out Retrievr’s online form. They will either visit or text the word PICKUP to 757-70-FETCH to get started. Retrievr’s easy-to-use system walks through how to identify what will be donated and how to select your collection date. Retrievr will then do a contactless pickup of your items, and deliver reusable devices to the NERDiT Foundation. NERDiT will refurbish the devices and provide them to nonprofits, who will distribute them to people in need. In support of PHLDonateTech, Retrievr will offer free pickups that include laptops and desktops through January 15th. 

Donating 26 devices or more

  • Individuals or organizations that donate 26 devices or more will fill out EAF’s online form and EAF will pick up the equipment for free. EAF can provide donors with a certificate that they followed the industry’s data security and refurbishment standards. EAF will work with Temple’s CRC to refurbish equipment and provide them to Philadelphia nonprofits to distribute the devices to people in need.

Donating to the Community Device Fund

  • If an individual or organization doesn’t have equipment to donate right now, then they can still help families get devices. Individuals and businesses can make a monetary donation dedicated to PHLDonateTech to the Mayor’s Fund by clicking the “support this project” button above. Donations will help get devices into the hands of those who need them. Contributions to the Community Device Fund will support refurbishers and nonprofits.

Once devices are refurbished and ready to use, residents will receive the devices for free.

Learn more about PHLDonateTech by going to

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who are the Partners?

Retrievr: Retrievr offers easy, on-demand doorstep collection and recycling for electronics and clothing. To schedule a pick up of our devices (25 or less), go to or text the work PICKUP to 757-70-FETCH (757-703-3824).

NERDiT Foundation: The NERDiT Foundation 501(c)(3), is the sister organization of NERDiT NOW, with the mission to close the digital divide. They believe that everyone should have the right to technology and to be afforded the opportunity to learn how technology can truly make an impact for us all. Since 2015, NERDiT Foundation has donated over 100 refurbished computers, each year, and over 3000 units this year alone due to COVID, to our communities. The NERDs also offer free technical support to the recipients of the donated technology.

Electronic Access Foundation: Electronic Access Foundation (EAF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established for the purpose of donating surplus electronic equipment to other qualified charitable organizations in need. EAF obtains donations through partnership with corporations, universities, and organizations by offering them an alternative to recycling of their surplus electronic equipment including; desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, cell phones, flat screens & more! As a member of, we address and support the elimination of the digital divide for underserved communities.

Temple University Computer Recycling Center: Temple University Computer Recycling Center (CRC) is an award winning operation that gathers surplus computer and electronic equipment from around the university, refurbishes that equipment if possible, redeploys the equipment where appropriate, donates any excess usable equipment and, where appropriate, disposes unusable equipment in a secure manner.

How will my data be protected if I donate my equipment?

The partners have provided information about their data security measures.

Retrievr protects your personal information through a secure chain of custody and by completely wiping or shredding hard drives and other data devices. Devices that are eligible for use in the PHLDonateTech program will be sequestered until passed to NERDiT Now, who follows data security handling processes validated by third-party audits to refurbish devices. Devices not eligible for PHLDonateTech will be securely sanitized at our warehouse and then responsibly recycled. Certificates of data destruction are available upon request.

NERDiT NOW is in the process of becoming R2 certified. They will safely and properly handle all data that is within their custody. They run data sanitation programs on each drive to ensure that it has support for 24 sanitation standards including DoD 5220.22M and NIST 800-88. This simply means that all data is erased prior to leaving their facility.

As a member of, Electronic Access Foundation pledges to keep data safe and utilize data destruction procedures that meet the minimum standards and supported by industry best practices. They can wipe any computer hard drives and provide a certificate of data destruction ensuring that your data was destroyed according to all HIPAA and DoD guidelines. They pledge to recycle responsibly and comply with all governmental regulatory requirements for appropriate disposal of non-viable equipment (e-waste) through their R2 or e-Steward certified partners.

Learn more about PHLDonateTech by going to and checking out our FAQ about the initiative.

As part of its PHLDonateTech program, the City of Philadelphia (“City”) and the Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia (“Fund”) are providing links to several computer recycler and refurbishers listed above (the “Refurbishers”) to recycle and provide computers to families and people in need across Philadelphia. These Refurbishers working with PHLDonateTech are not operated or controlled by the City or the Fund. The City and the Fund are providing this list of Refurbishers for your convenience only. If you use any of the links above, you will leave the Fund’s website and be directed to a website for that particular Refurbisher.

The City and the Fund provide no warranties, promises, and/or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the nature, diligence, or data security practices provided by any of these Refurbishers. It is your responsibility to ensure that any computer donated as part of the PHLDonateTech program is completely wiped of any personal, confidential, or sensitive data before it is donated. The City and the Fund disclaim any and all responsibility for ensuring the protection, security, or safeguarding of any data remaining on computers donated as part of PHLDonateTech. Further, the City and the Fund make no representations or warranties, and provides no advice, about the applicability or eligibility of any potential tax consequences, deductions or credits as a result of your participation in PHLDonateTech.

By clicking on the links above, you acknowledge that in no event shall the City or the Fund be liable to you or to any other person or entity for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential or other damages, costs, or expenses arising out of or in relation to your participation in, or the donations made through PHLDonateTech or use of any of the Refurbisher’s websites.