The Plants Make Positive Places team, who received an Innovation Fund grant in 2015.
The Plants Make Positive Places team, who received an Innovation Fund grant in 2015.

The Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia and the Office of Innovation Management are pleased to announce the launch of the 2019 Innovation Fund grant cycle.

The Innovation Fund is a grant opportunity funded by the Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia, and managed by the Innovation Management team in the City’s Office of Innovation and Technology. The Innovation Fund provides grants to launch pilot initiatives proposed by City employees that have the potential to improve the services and functions of municipal government. All City of Philadelphia departments and agencies are eligible to apply.

The Innovation Fund is able to award a total of $50,000 for the 2019 cycle. Funded projects can receive up to $7,500, with most awards ranging from $5,000 – $6,000.

The Innovation Fund prioritizes proposals for ideas and projects that:

  1. Have never been tried before in Philadelphia
  2. Pilot something that is new and different for a given department
  3. Push Philadelphia to be the first city to solve a broader problem in a unique way
  4. Leverage partnerships and stakeholder collaboration, either internal or external to City government
  5. Focus on delivering services more effectively, equitably and efficiently to all residents

Timeline and Process 

The Innovation Fund has a unique evaluation process that aims to help employees think strategically about their potential initiatives. While we value the opportunity to fund a select group of projects, we also strive to provide structure and guidance through the Idea Lifecycle, allowing applicants to critically examine all components of their idea, connect with relevant stakeholders, use funds effectively, and create realistic and impactful outcomes.

All initial submissions must be submitted via the online form by Friday, January 10, 2020 at 5:00pm EST.

Grant Guidelines and How to Apply

Please review the 2019 Innovation Fund Grant Guidelines in full before submitting an application. You can find the grant guidelines here: 2019 Innovation Fund Grant Guidelines_FINAL_EXT

The online submission form can be found here: Innovation Fund Online Submission Form

If you are a City of Philadelphia Department or agency seeking information about other funding opportunities through The Mayor’s Fund, please click here: 2019 Mayor’s Fund Grant Cycle

Please direct any questions or issues to Stephanie Orlando, Innovation Coordinator, at