Deadline for Applications: April 15, 2022. Enterprises may submit more than one application.
Deadline for Questions and 1-1 Application Assistance: April 1, 2022. Send all questions, requests, and concerns to

Calling all Philadelphia businesses, nonprofits, and organizations! Do you have a waste problem you’d like to solve? An idea for a project that will reduce the amount of trash you create? Apply for a Zero Waste Microgrant from the Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia and City of Philadelphia Office of Sustainability to fund your investment in a new, sustainable project. Grants will range between $250 and $1000. Any business, nonprofit, or other organization based in Philadelphia County may apply. All enterprises (regardless of experience with waste management or Zero Waste) are encouraged to apply and will receive 1-1 assistance from a Waste Coach if selected to receive a grant.

What is “Zero Waste?” Zero Waste is a set of principles focused on preventing trash & waste by rethinking how we use resources; more materials & items are reused, rather than sent to the landfill or an incinerator. The City of Philadelphia has a goal of becoming a Zero Waste city by 2035, where less than 10% of our waste becomes trash. To do this, we must work with partners across the city. The City of Philadelphia has created a wide range of Zero Waste initiatives to engage residents, businesses, institutions, and City departments in reducing and diverting waste away from the trash, and this microgrant program is our newest pilot program.

Why are the City and the Mayor’s Fund supporting these projects? Zero Waste strategies are an investment – they have an upfront cost, but many will pay for themselves over time because of cost savings from fewer new material purchases, lower waste hauling fees, and customer loyalty from your sustainable actions. There are dozens of environmental, economic, and social reasons to reduce your enterprise’s waste, from acting on climate change to improving litter conditions in your neighborhood. The City and the Fund want to invest in enterprises willing to undertake new Zero Waste strategies because it helps build our local circular economy, builds trust and partnership among the City and those who it serves, and supports progress towards a goal that benefits the whole of Philadelphia.

To view the application, click here: Zero Waste Microgrant Application Form
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To view a sample application, click here: Zero Waste Microgrant Example Application
To learn more about the City’s Zero Waste initiatives, click here: Zero Waste Initiatives webpage link